Superyacht repair and refit in the Central Mediterranean

Our facilities main outstanding features are the 4 vast covered sheds, with over 10,000 m² floorspace and a 29m high entrance. We offer indoor workshop space and can accommodate yachts for indoor storage & work.

With this unique facility, our highly skilled workforce and extensive list of contractors we can accommodate all your repair and refit requirements.
  • 5 ton, 20 ton, and 90 ton gantry cranes
  • Designated engine work bays
  • Modular siding for covered works
  • Large tooling and equipment hire‍‍

Lifting and storage

With 2 Travel lifts and oversized bays we are able to lift a large range of yachts up to 12m width and 150m LOA. We use trained lifters and divers experienced in heavy lifts

Offering covered storage in 2 sheds that ideal for any covered works. Outdoor hard-standing is extensive and sheltered from all weather conditions

  • 25,000m² area for refit & repair
  • 2 Travel lifts—350 tons and 700 tons
  • 10,000m² indoor work and storage space
  • 29m door height
  • 6 Gantry cranes—5 tons, 20 tons, and 95 tons


Our alliance partner—Mediterranean Maritime Hub (MMH)—boasts an extensive metalworks fabrication shop producing custom stands and cradles under certification. Also providing custom metalwork and fabrication services

  • Custom stands and cradles
  • Mast cradles and trolleys
  • Custom metal fabrication
  • Welding expertise

Yard services

We work with a number of local and foreign specialist companies in the yachting industry and employ an open management model to ensure that we can provide you with the absolute best service possible for your needs.

Our parent company RLR yachting Ltd. enjoys a long-standing relationship with many Global Marine brands allowing us direct access and efficient ordering and delivery.

Painting and finishing

We offer outdoor tenting and indoor spray booth facilities. Skilled workforce of painters over a range of products. Experience in protective coating application, touch-ups and colour matching, fairing and race finishes, polishing.

Rigging and composite

We provide hydraulic service and repair. Rigging: inspection, wire, rod, and composite service and repair; rope work and splicing. Composite: carbon and Fibreglass repair. Winch service and repair. We also employ professional and experienced sailors who can work with you on improving your deck layout.

Project Management

Thomas Ripard has been working as a professional sailor for over 10 years. He is the grandson of John Ripard Snr. Co-Founder of RLR Ltd. and the famous Rolex Middle Sea Race. Thomas has years of experience skippering and crewing on yachts around the world from 100 year old William Fife classics to state-of-the-art Grand Prix racing yachts. Using this wealth of experience Tom will work